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A people-centered freight forwarder

“I am far more interested in that part of the business which is connected to people than management. At one time in my life I used to be a driver as well, and accordingly, I feel a kind of nostalgia and solidarity with personnel who move from one destination to another. This is the reason that I set up a business partnership with Prévost France in 1992, at the time the company was founded. They were the most driver-friendly company located abroad.” (György Szabó, Managing Director).

We are aware that all our employees are of enormous value and have great responsibility. The future of the whole company is constantly in their hands, so it's obvious that they have been the focus of the company up to now. The relationship between employees and management is friendly and honest. We support our personnel in everything they need to do their job perfectly.

Similarly to with airplanes, our motor vehicles follow a predefined route according to a strict schedule and the dispatchers track them every minute of the day like air traffic controllers do with air transport. If transit times are not complied with, it leads to the collapse of the whole system. This demands enormous discipline from drivers. Work at Prévost Kft is not only about the demands, but about the compensation as well. If one is able to cope with the challenges of the work, drivers can take advantage of the following opportunities:

  • net salary of 1,500 EUR per month (but 2,000 EUR net a month is not uncommon);
  • more than 150 Renault T-Range 480 DXI tractor units;
  • a fleet consisting of state-of-art models equipped with robotized automatic transmissions and an advanced driver-assistance system, emission class EURO 6, and average age 1.5 years;
  • drivers are assisted with preliminarily defined and continuously updated navigation, a wide range of information and continuous support for all phases of work, as well as tablet-assisted PA functions;
  • in-house software (task manager, controlling, internal communication...);
  • resting-living trailers for recreation, and our own comfortable sites operated by garage masters in Vienna, Paris and Frankfurt are waiting for drivers;
  • at these bases, besides internet and good company, we also provide corporate bikes for going on trips and even motor homes for comfortable sightseeing.

We support our colleagues’ work and leisure activities in various ways, but in particular their sporting activities: employees can ride the company’s bicycles to the Bukk, the Pilis and the Bakony hills and during these sporting activities can breath fresh air, relax and get far away from work. Riding a bike is not for everyone: there are number of programs for motorsport lovers at Kakucsring, or even in the air.

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