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Long distance in record time

The optimal solution for the transportation of export-import LTL items before the guaranteed deadlines is an important part of our activities.

As a part of our continuing effort to better serve our customers, we have developed a so-called “Road Orient Express” (ROE) service on the axis of Paris-Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest-Bucharest with which we have managed to transport goods in record time. The secret is to operate mega semi-trailers with swappable tractor units and to provide a service based on the use of swapping bodies. Similarly to when stagecoaches were used, we also work with “swapped horses”: goods which are collected in the vicinity of Paris depart to the east in the evenings. We then swap tractor units (hook up to other tractor units) in Saarbrucken, Nurnberg and Linz so shipments move continuously, while drivers are exchanged and their compulsory daily and weekly resting times do not affect the transit time.

We deliver like a real express train: there is no need for transhipments, warehouses or staff; there are no extra costs; damage to goods is impossible, and the entire process of transportation is safe and almost uninterrupted.

Delivery of LTL shipments is guaranteed to the vicinity of Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest within 24 hours, to the east of Budapest and to the area of Transylvania within 48 hours, and beyond the Carpathians within 72 hours from time of dispatch.




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