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Our mission and values

Our mission can be summarized in one sentence: Prévost Hungária Kft is the specialist Air Cargo RFS in Eastern Europe.

But the company itself is about much more than that: it is a team whose hobby, or rather passion, is freight forwarding. The frame of our work consists of a friendly atmosphere, professionalism and a sporty lifestyle.

Our colleagues create an informal and familiar atmosphere towards each other and ensure that we provide the quality and professionalism to our customers which is typical of an SME, but that we optimize costs similarly to multinational companies.

In contrast to others – who support professional sportspeople for their achievements and, of course, for advertising purposes –, we consider it important to make sport achievements ourselves: some of our team regularly go bike riding together, which not only keeps us in good shape but is also an excellent team-building activity. If one has the taste for it, a competitive spirit has an impact on everyday life and work. We offer this to our customers too: at the end of the day, we compete for them.

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