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Our strengths

We believe that a people-centered attitude and committed drivers are our greatest strengths (and also the keys to our success). As a result, our ongoing objective is to be the market leader in road transport. Within this area we primarily focus on one field of expertise – namely, Air Cargo RFS – in which we want to be the best. In this field, punctuality, full service activities in relation to the security of high-value goods, and meeting special requirements are the keys to success. This includes, but is not limited to, having authorized agent status and an exclusive quality and special insurance background which have been used in the service of customers by Prévost Kft since its foundation.

Thanks to our complex and professional service offerings, our motto is the following: Prévost is the freight forwarder of air cargo on the road. The following benefits are associated with each shipment:

Tracking system

Every one of Prévost's vehicles has a satellite-based tracking system and associated on-board information technology which is a fast and reliable way to track drivers’ activities in real time. Dispatchers can check the location and the route of vehicles on a map, and customers can track their shipments online.


In addition to the satellite-based tracking system, our vehicle fleet used for road feeder services is also equipped with a geo-fencing system. The essence of this system is its ability to send automatic messages to operators and, on request, to customers about vehicles when they go through a predefined boundary. In this way we receive immediate information about transit through all important points on a route, which is a further guarantee of timely task completion and, in case of any deviations, allows us to immediately intervene to ensure the safe and timely arrival of shipments.

 CMR insurance

The coverage level of our CMR insurance is much higher than the typical 50,000 SDR and is almost unique in road transport. In accordance with the requirements of large airlines, our insurance provides coverage of up to 600,000 EUR so customers can entrust their goods to us, even in the case of high-value shipments.

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